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What is Mobile Menu?

Mobile Menu is an interactive ordering system and an alternative to traditional paper menus. This innovative technology helps you to transform the way business is being done making it more productive and cost effective.

With mobile menu, your customer can easily browse through multiple categories and variety of items to find those suit their taste.

While there are various Mobile Menu options available in the market, our USP is that we are providing you with your exclusive QR CODE which can be scanned in order for menu to show up on the mobile screen of your customer.

How does it work?

Mobile Menu works in a very simple way. It allows you to register for an account, create a menu by adding your products, sort them into categories, and your job is done.

After that all you have to do is, print the QR code for every table. Your visitors will scan the QR code and the menu will show up on their mobile screen and then they can place their orders accordingly

Isn’t it so simple? No specific knowledge or speciality needed and it is user friendly for all age groups.

Try it out here: Register Here

Benefits of Mobile Menu

  • Improves the customer experience and hence better customer satisfaction
  • Speeds up the ordering process
  • Simplify menu and pricing updates instantly
  • Gain competitive advantage
  • The QR code allows you to create your own exclusive menu
  • Cost Effective and user friendly
  • No touching of unhygienic paper menus
  • Group ordering becomes very easy as group customers can see menu in their phones

So, say goodbye to old fashioned traditional paper menus and introduce yourself to this evolving technology by going digital.

What's New

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Now with MenuBazaar your customers can order whenever and however they want. You will be notified within seconds with the order details.

Our user-friendly, easy-to-use web interface allows customers to check your menu when they’re at the restaurant. They can place their orders from their table without any help from the staff. The Mobile Menu link can also be shared on social media accounts, websites, through Whatsapp or email for delivery or pick-up orders. Customers can place their orders online or through the phone, however, you prefer!

Some of the features are:

  • Fastest and easiest self-service experience with our solution.
  • Reduces customer waiting times
  • Prevents missing or incorrect orders
  • More orders can be taken with less workforce
  • If you find yourself getting stuck, our support team is on call to help 24/7.

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