How Restaurants Can Be Safe From Covid19?


Restaurants or any F&B business gather massive groups of people to eat, drink and talk in close premises. So it is very crucial for you to introduce preventive measures. Following are necessary actions that you should quickly bring into practice:

1. Keep your staff aware of the covid19

Though most of your staff must be fairly familiar with the pandemic. We would still recommend you to arrange a meeting and make them aware of it to all corners of covid19.  

Train them about the precautionary measures that they should take on your restaurant/hotel premises. Also, brief them about the guidelines provided by the government health authorities.

If any of your guests/visitors are suffering from flu or any respiratory disease, then ask them to stay at home. (In such circumstances, if it is possible you can give them paid leave).

2. Use sanitizers and masks

Cleanliness is indeed a solution to stay safe from the spread of this virus. Assure that all the raw products are washed properly under running water before being used.

Provide your staff members with medical masks, alcohol-based hand sanitizer (containing at least 70% alcohol), and hand-gloves to wear.

If you are giving non-vegetarian food, keep their ingredients separate from the vegetarian items to avoid cross-transmission.

COVID19 infection can spread through droplets that are released from the infected person’s nose or mouth when someone coughs, sneezes or exhales. Therefore, ask your staff to use sanitizers, masks, and tissues frequently. Preserve sanitizers in the kitchen, on dining tables, and even on the cash counter. 

3. Keep a tab on your raw-suppliers

Guarantee megastores from where you are getting inventory for your restaurant are safe & secure from COVID19.  

As the infection can be spread from animals too, take extra care while dealing with seafood. 

None of your food or beverage should be sourced from Hubei province or Wuhan city, where the Novel Coronavirus(COVID19) started.

4. Ensure cleanliness/sanitation in the dining area

The crockery and types of equipment used at the buffet counters, including tongs, spoons, and table runners, should be changed and sanitized constantly. 

Secure that tableware including salt & pepper shakers, toothpick holders, sugar containers, tent cardholders, menus, and bill folders are being cleaned and sanitized daily.  

If possible don’t keep the table napkins and utensils in an open atmosphere for a long time.

If you have a buffet or semi-buffet, then food should be served in smaller parts. It should be replaced after every 30 minutes to avoid infection.

5. Avoid handshakes. Do ‘Namaste’

Well, the handshake is a magnificent way of transferring different microorganisms like viruses and bacteria from one person to another. So for the time being, ask your staff members to avoid members shaking their hands with guests/visitors. Also internally, they should avoid regular physical contact. 

Even the health authorities warn that shaking hands is a prime way to spread the covid19. You should adopt various methods of greeting people, like elbow bumps or namaste. 

Besides, if you have a restaurant, hotel and cafes then you can know the preventive measures to be safe from COVID-19 from here.