Why Use Digital QR Code Restaurant Menus?


As restaurants & hotels across India reopen after COVID19 shutdowns and think about everyday digital processes for providing food service, many are looking for alternatives to physical/paper menus. Digital QR Code restaurant menus offer a contactless solution for establishments seeking ways to minimize contact and comply with health directions and recommendations.

Here are 5 key reasons using Digital QR Menus can benefit your restaurant, hotel & Cafes 2021:

  1. Stop the spread of COVID19 and comply with new food service guidelines. Govt authorities have issued instructions and guidelines for preventing the spread of COVID19 at Restaurants, Cafes and Hotels. Using Digital QR Menus at your restaurant, cafes and hotels is a meaningful step toward complying with the new food service guidelines and showing guests that you care about their health & security.


  2. Providing a contactless digital menu option at your Restaurant improves the guest dining experience. MenuBazaar allows guests to dine in or takeaway without worrying about coming in contact with a highly touched surface of your restaurant.


  3. Many restaurants have chosen disposable menus to reduce the spread of COVID-19. MenuBazaar can act as disposable menus or be used as a greener and low-maintenance alternative to Paper Menu. While disposable menus still require touch, digital QR menus are completely contactless. Additionally, the paper waste from disposable menus requires cleanup from Restaurant staffers. Supplementing disposable menus with MenuBazaar can help divert the paper waste and reduce the cleanup effort.


  4. Easily change or update menus in one click. Digital QR Menus can be easily changed or updated. With MenuBazaar, Restaurants, hotels & cafes owners and managers can instantly make changes to their digital menu. This is particularly useful to restaurants that have adjusted their menu offerings as the needs of their guests alternate in light of COVID19.


  5. Reduce Restaurant Expenses. By choosing to offer Digital QR Menus in addition to disposable menus or other sanitary menu options, you can reduce the expenses involved in the print and cleaning process. digital QR menus are free for restaurants to maintain and you can enjoy the flexibility of changing your menu offerings anytime without needing to reorder physical menus.


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