How Digital Menu Provides A Contactless Order

Digital Menu Provides A Contactless Order

Digital Menu is a new technology which is very useful for your restaurants, cafes & hotels. It provides you with a Digital QR Code that gives your customers a contactless order without any physical contact. With the help of this hotel and restaurant owners can increase their sales by up to 40-60% in their business. Digital Menu also keeps safe your customers and staff in this Covid-19 Situation. 

How Does Digital Menu Provide a Contactless Order?

Digital Menu works purely in a digital way which provides a contactless order to your customers and keeps safe them from Covid-19. In This pandemic situation, it helps you and our customers get a new experience and order any item without any contact and any touching and enjoy the meal.

Digital Menu provides you with a Digital QR Code which opens with the help of a smartphone's camera. I am going to tell you how it works. If you are in a restaurant or cafe and those cafes have this Digital Menu Then, You have to open your smartphone's camera and scan this QR Then, you can see the menu and order any items from the cafe or restaurant.  

How Digital Menu helps the customers?

In This Pandemic situation, everyone avoids touching and keeps their distance from others  At this time Food ordering system helps customers to easily order food in a contactless way and enjoy the meal whether they are at the restaurant or anywhere else. In this Pandemic time, This is very helpful for you and your customers to easily order the food without any touching and enjoy their meal.


5 Benefits of the Digital Menu which provides you with a contactless order are-

1. Turn Static Menu Into Flexible Ones.

2. Reduce Customer Waiting Time and Improve Order Accuracy.

3. Increase the Quality of service and staff productivity.

4. Faster Table Turnover and more Revenue.

5. Shows your guests that you value their time and safety.


Set Up This Digital Menu In Your Cafe Or Restaurant And Make The Feel Of Contactless Ordering And Also Keep Safe Your Customers From This Covid-19.