How Does Contactless QR Menu Keep safe your customers from this Covid-19

Contactless QR Menu provides safety

What is Contactless QR Menu?

Contactless QR Menu includes QR Codes that customers can point to and scan with their smartphone's camera to access an online digital menu where they may browse food and beverage options.

With Contactless QR Menu, Restaurant managers and owners can test out new menu items, change branding, or make minor changes to a menu without having to print, laminate, pick up, and distribute menus like traditional menus. Restaurant staff simply go and edit their menu online and it is automatically updated across the QR codes.


How Does Contactless QR Menu Protect Your Customers Against Covid-19?

In the Covid-19 Situation, No one wants to touch a physical menu everyone avoids touching So, In this situation, every restaurant, cafe & Hotel owner wants to set up something digital which provides their menu easily to the customers without any touching and without any contact.  

So, In this pandemic situation, a Contactless Digital Menu can help your customers easily see your menu in their smartphone’s camera by scanning a QR code and ordering their food and enjoying the meal. And this QR Code is purely touchless which is easily scannable in any smartphone’s camera and opens in front of them.

Here are Some Features of the Contactless QR Menu are:-

  • Easy to update & Change Menu.
  • It Gives Better menu design & customer experience.
  • Contactless QR Menu is Safer.
  • It provides faster table turnover.
  • And it also reduced costs.

If you want to keep safe your customers from this covid-19. Then, Kindly set up this Contactless QR Menu in your hotels & Restaurants and also increase your sales and give a new experience to the customers.