Why do Restaurants need to use Digital QR Menu Instead of a Paper Menu

Need to use Digital QR Menu instead of paper menu

Usually, a restaurant or any dining area is identified for the taste and quality of food that they offer. What we always mind missing out on is that the reason a person might want to go to your restaurant in the first place is the set of menus that you offer. The menu being the first point of contact for a customer, it needs to make an impression. In a restaurant, customers/Visitors do not read ‘the menu’ but quickly scan them.

Paper Menus – Current Challenges

  1. Cost and Time consuming
  2. Difficult to capture customer’s attention
  3. No Real-Time & Slow to update
  4. Ruined or dirty paper

The benefits of using the Digital QR Menu are-

1. Digital QR Menus Are Safer

Traditional menus are constantly handled and touched by multiple customers in the same party, they are reused by multiple groups of visitors, and they are handled by the restaurant team and staff. With Digital QR menus, there is no need to hold a menu as it is digital, with customers simply scanning the digital QR code to access the menu. 

2. Easy to Update & Change Menus

With  Digital QR Menus, restaurant managers and owners can test out new menu items, change branding, offers or make minor changes to a menu without having to print, laminate, pick up, and distribute new menus like with traditional paper menus. Restaurant staff simply go edit their menu online and it is automatically updated across the contactless QR codes.

3. Better Menu Design & Diner Experience

Digital Menu usually are built with an online menu builder that has existing menu designs with a great user experience, meaning you can make your most popular items stand out and have more customers find their order more quickly.

4. Faster Table Turnover

There is no need to sanitise or change menus between table turnovers, which means less work for employees and a more hygienic environment for customers and guests.

5. Reduced Costs

All menus are digital, restaurants save money on printing and design services.


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