7 ways Cafes/Hotels can reduce losses during the COVID-19

Cafes/Hotels reduce their losses during COVID-19

7 ways Cafes/Hotels can reduce losses during the COVID-19

1. Lock the premises, but do not stop food production.

The pandemic of COVID19 hugely decreased the number of customers willing to dine in and reduced the number of on-site visitors to restaurants.
This trend was noticeable for years and the pandemic outbreak made this tendency even more dreadful.
What is the good news? You can let your customers/visitors order your meals online for delivery and takeout.

2. Begin selling online from your website.

Starting sales on your digital portal can take up to several weeks and time is essential right now. other side, ordering portals charge a high commission, that you are probably not ready to pay at the moment.

3. Begin making deliveries and/or take-aways

Don’t send staff home yet.

You can include the premise’s service team to quickly organize takeaways and deliveries. Change to new circumstances and react accordingly. The number of online orders will be developing faster than ever right now.

4. Start making contactless deliveries and pickups

Give your customers a contactless delivery option. Most great competitors in the food/hospitality industry have already done it.

When delivering the order, the courier should leave food at the door, then send an SMS and Push Notification with delivery information to the customer.

5. Notify customers about food delivery without physical contact

  • Write on the home page and in the digital menu.
  • Write on your Facebook official business page.
  • Send information by SMS, email, or push notifications.

6. Go with online payments

Online payments will allow you to make deliveries without physical contact. Researches show that on paper, or banknotes, the virus can insist for up to 2 hours.

7. Additional security measures

Examples of countermeasures:

  • Daily check whether dispatchers show signs of illness with temperature measurement.
  • Daily disinfection of all equipment used by dispatchers.
  • The requirement for regular washing / disinfecting of hands by dispatchers.

How to decrease the spread of covid19 in your restaurant/hotel

  • Frequently Wash Your Hands

  • Hand washing is the top priority for proper hygiene in the working place, but during a viral outbreak, it becomes essential. Clean your hands for at least 20 seconds and be sure to fully scrub between fingers, under fingernails, and through your wrists. Make sure all your staff-member follow these instructions.
  • Minimize Close Physical Contact
  • Completely avoid human contact when possible, organize no-contact deliveries and pick-ups, and implement a no-cash policy. If possible, insulate yourself behind protective glass/PPE during contact with a customer or avoid it.
  • Sanitize regularly

  • Take extra care when going through your disinfecting routine, and apply more attention to common surfaces like doorknobs, handles, light switches, menus, POS stations, and other frequently handled items.


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