Re-open your restaurant with a Contactless QR Code Menu

COVID-19 is a contactless digital menu that lets your customers to view your menu on their phone.

Benefits of a Contactless Digital Menu-

Learn about our contactless digital menu and how diners/visitors can choose their meals using their mobile phones.

  • Safer to use - Germ-free, easy, quicker, and safer than the traditional menu.

  • COVID-Compliant - Without single-use paper menus or disinfection, COVID compliance is impossible.

  • Easy to update - Use the menu builder to instantly change your menu in one click. No re-prints!

  • No APP/Signup required - No signup or app needed

What is the Contactless QR Code Menu, and how do you order from it?

Well... We have designed MenuBazaar. All of those benefits that you read above are going to get by using MenuBazaar.

You should be aware of the following things regarding it:

  1. It’s very easy to adopt.
  2. Our customers love it.
  3. Their clients love it.
  4. No downloads or signup required
  5. The end of each month is when payments are made.
  6. We’ll keep it constantly maintained, and updated for you, so anything that you like, or don’t like, we are here to hear it.
  7. 100% commission-free
  8. and much more...

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