QR Code Menus for Restaurants

QR Code Menus for Restaurants

In COVID19, restaurants have performed great with QR codes, those dotted squares are now highlighted everywhere on menus, flyers, stickers, sidewalk signs, and more. They're popular not only for providing a contactless experience but also because they're easy to use and open up a new world of benefits.


How Customers/Visitors Use QR Codes

Today's smartphones have built-in Digital QR Code readers with the camera, so there's no other special app to install.

  1. Point a mobile phone camera at a Digital QR Code and wait for just a few seconds.
  2. A notification message will pop up that, when clicked, will send you to a digital menu web page.
  3. These web pages container can be anything - online digital menus, social media, digital ordering forms, and many more.
  4. Enjoy the Digital QR Menu on your phone, then enjoy your meal!

Key Benefits

  • Add a Code anywhere. Print a Digital QR Code on anything from menus to marketing materials like tables, flyers, tents & visiting cards.

  • Change Digital Menu links. At any time, link your QR code to different menus or web pages without having to reprint the same code.

  • Easy menu updates. Instantly change menu items, prices, descriptions, and restaurant offer that appear on your digital menu whenever you want.


 So, Say Goodbye To Old Fashioned Traditional Paper Menus And Introduce Yourself To This Evolving Technology By Going Digital here